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Karen McCourt

D.Pod.M, M.Ch.S, S.R.Ch.

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If you suffer from a systemic disease that affects the health of your feet, we can help you at Belfast Chiropody Clinic. A number of diseases that have whole body health effects can cause specific problems with the foot that require professional medical attention to keep them from worsening.

"(Karen) was so welcoming and the treatment she provided left my feet feeling better than they have in a long time!"

We offer specialised care for patients with these conditions. Diabetes can, if incorrectly managed, damage the nerves in the foot causing numbness or restrict blood flow to the foot.

Specialised diabetic's footcare

Trust our expert chiropodist at Belfast Chiropody Clinic to provide your feet with the care they need, and help you manage the symptoms of your ailment carefully. In addition to these services, you can also come to us for Nail Care and Holistic Treatments. Call for an appointment today.

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Arthritis, gout, some neurological disorders and diabetes can all have serious impacts on the health of your feet, affecting the joints, bones and nerves.

Serious impact on your feet

Medical attention to manage your symptoms

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We can provide treatment for all your

foot pains and conditions.

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